Have you ever received a Facebook friend request? Do you have a Facebook account? Well, even if you answered "no" to either of these questions, many young people and adults alike are quite familiar with this modern-day social network and how it works. So why not use it an instructional tool? Below you will find some creative twists to the Facebook social networking craze that you can use in the classroom to engage students by applying their critical thinking and researching skills to create phony Facebook or "Fakebook" pages for historical figures, literary characters/authors, famous scientists, inventors, mathematicians, and more!


A web-based Facebook template that can be edited, saved on the Web (students will need to supply a password to retrieve their saved page; then they will be given the URL/web address to their saved page), and printed

A PowerPoint Facebook template (instructions and rubric included) that can be edited and also provides an interesting example of what JFK's Facebook page may have contained (*When you view/run the slideshow, the Facebook tabs - i.e. Wall, Info., Photos - are already hyperlinked to the correct slides)

MS Word
A Word Facebook template that can be edited, saved, and printed; blank copies can also be printed and given to students PRIOR TO EDITING the file for brainstorming purposes

A read-only PDF Facebook template that can be printed and given to students for brainstorming purposes as well as for a traditional hand-in assignment