Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel with your students to new and exciting places and share interactive, real-world learning experiences without the time and expense of a field trip? With our district's POLYCOM VIDEOCONFERENCING system, you can now take part in distance learning experiences right here at home by participating in virtual "field trips" to those new and exciting places that support your curriculum and provide opportunities to collaborate with experts and classrooms all around the world - without ever stepping outside of NCASD!

Take a look at this testimonial video from the Mote Marine Laboratory Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida:

Think you might want to give videoconferencing a try? The Mote Marine Laboratory Aquarium is just one of many videoconferencing providers that offers dynamic distance learning programs for educators. Below you will find a list of other popular videoconferencing providers/resources that offer interesting, engaging, and often times FREE videoconferencing programs that enable you to connect and collaborate with classrooms and experts across the U.S. and abroad. Browse through each provider's searchable database/directory to locate available videoconferencing programs/classrooms; then witness the excitement and enthusiasm that ensues when you bring the world to your students through these engaging videoconferencing experiences!


PLEASE NOTE: The District's Polycom Videoconferencing system is located in Room 240 of the Jr.-Sr. HS. If you are interested in scheduling a videoconference, please contact Tracy Yeropoli for more information (tyeropoli@ncasd.com ~ 724-971-5068/724-656-4700 Ext. 2240).