PREZI is a cloud-based presentation tool with a zooming canvas that serves as a nice alternative to other presentation tools like PowerPoint. Instead of individual slides, Prezi provides users with a large canvas on which to highlight important ideas/concept. Once content is added to the canvas (i.e. text, images, video, audio), users can then zoom in on the content following the path/order they have set. You can even import your PowerPoint slides and "Prezify" them, as well as search for and explore ready-made Prezis created by others!

Once registered for a free educator's account, you can save and access your Prezis online with the Web or download your finished Prezis and present offline. Sign up and give Prezi a try!


"Prezifying" Your PowerPoint Slides


GLOGSTER EDU is a great multimedia poster/collage application that allows the user to create dynamic interactive "glogs" that include text, images, video, and sound, which can be saved and viewed online. Through Glogster's educational platform, teachers can register for a free basic education account, while students can register for a student account (*no email required) with their teacher's code

external image empty.pngPowerPoint Tutorial by Lori Sheldon
external image pdf.pngGlogster Suggested Sites - List of audio, video, and image sites to use with Glogster EDU
external image pdf.pngCreating a Glog - Step-by-step handout for creating a glog
external image pdf.pngGlogster Tutorial - Another step-by-step tutorial/handout for creating a glog
external image msword.pngGlogster Rubric - A editable rubric for quick and easy assessment of a glog
external image pdf.pngGlog Plan - Brainstorming organizer for sketching out a glog plan

Google Docs/Presentations

Jog the Web EDU
a cool web tool that enables users to create and share content-rich "jogs" on a topic of study that are presented as a collection of web pages in an easy to navigate slideshow format; offers both an educational (EDU) platform, as well as a platform for the general public

upload and share presentations, documents, and professional videos via the Web