Prezi is a cloud-based presentation tool with a zooming canvas that serves as a nice alternative to other presentation tools like PowerPoint. Instead of individual slides, Prezi provides users with a large canvas on which to highlight important ideas/concept. Once content is added to the canvas (i.e. text, images, video, audio), users can then zoom in on the content following the path/order they have set. You can even import your PowerPoint slides and "Prezify" them, as well as search for and explore ready-made Prezis created by others!

Take a look at this Prezi, which offers "10 Ways to Say It With Prezi":

Once registered for a free educator's account, you can save and access your Prezis online with the Web or download your finished Prezis and present offline. Sign up and give Prezi a try!


Getting Started With Prezi

Frames, Grouping, & More

Sharing & Publishing Your Prezi

"Prezifying" Your PowerPoint Slides