Skype is a free web-based application that enables registered users to call (*microphone required) and video conference (*webcam and microphone required) with people all over the world. Educators can use this powerful tool to connect and collaborate with classrooms and experts around the globe, thus creating a dynamic learning experience for their students. To sign-up for a Skype account, click here.

"Skype Explained Visually" YouTube video posted by SayIt Visually


  • Skype in the Classroom - a directory of Skype projects and resources, as well as a searchable database of teachers/classrooms from around the world that are interested in connecting with other teachers/classrooms via Skype

  • Skype an Author Network - a wikispace sponsored by author Mona Kerby and library media specialist Sarah Chauncey devoted to providing a searchable directory of authors who are interested in and eager to participate in virtual author visits via Skype