WORDLE is an easy-to-use application that allows the user to create "word clouds" that graphically represent text. Repeated words within the text appear in large print in the Wordle, which can help to identify and analyze main points within the selected text. Commonly used words such as prepositions, articles (a, an, the), pronouns, and conjunctions are not included. Here's a Wordle about Wordle:

  • Upon going to the Wordle homepage (www.wordle.net) and selecting CREATE at the top, type your own text or copy and paste selected text in the text box provided; click GO when finished.

  • Use a tilda (~) between two words that you want to stay together when your Wordle is generated.

  • To assign a weight so that certain words appear larger than others, click on ADVANCED in the toolbar at the top; type each word with a colon in between the word and the assigned number/weight, with no space in between, such as English:25.

  • Enter the URL of any blog, blog feed, or any other web page that has a RSS feed or enter a del.icio.us user name to see their tags; click SUBMIT when finished.

  • Use the menus above your Wordle, along with the RANDOMIZE button below your Wordle, to customize and edit it!


  • Once your Wordle has been customized that way you want it, click the PRINT button underneath your Wordle (*If you are printing your Wordle at school, be sure to select the color printer (if your wordle has color), click PROPERTIES or PREFERENCES, and set the printer to COLOR in the bottom left corner of the PROPERTIES/PREFERENCES window).

  • Display Wordles on a “Wordle Wall” in the classroom or hallway!

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